Frescatihallen was designed by architect Ralph Erskine and its exterior and distincitve vaulted roof makes the building stand out among others on Stockholm University campus. Frescatihallen is centrally located between Allhuset and the Swedish Museum of Natural History - just a few minutes’ walk from the metro, buses and Roslagsbanan. Parking is available right next to the building.

Medley offers a fully equipped, modern gym as well as a wide range of fitness classes at Frescatihallen.

Frescatihallen snake rope
Frescatihallen Bodypump

Viktig information

Xmas opening hours

23 Dec: 7.00-17.00
Christmas Eve: Closed
Christmas Day: Closed
Boxing Day: 7.00-17.00
New Year's Eve: Closed
New Year's Day: Closed
6 Jan: 9.00-17.00


Måndag 07:00 – 23:00
Tisdag 07:00 – 23:00
Onsdag 07:00 – 23:00
Torsdag 07:00 – 23:00
Fredag 07:00 – 21:00
Lördag 08:00 – 19:00
Söndag 08:00 – 22:00


General admission Price
Adult 100 kr

All prices are subject to changes.

Visitor Träning alla tider
Adult 10 admissions 900 kr

All prices are subject to changes. 

Value cards are valid for one year from purchase.

Visitor Price
1 month 780 kr
Valid at Frescatihallen & Mörbybadet (Gäller även på Mörbybadet)
3 months 2106 kr
6 months 3744 kr
1 month student 690 kr
Valid at Frescatihallen & Mörbybadet (Gäller även på Mörbybadet)
1 month student Frescati 299 kr*
Only valid at Frescati (Gäller endast Frescati). Only valid for students if paying monthly via direct debit (autogiro) to a Swedish account number. 2 months termination period apply.

All prices are subject to changes. 

Guld träning

510 kr/mån
(Årskort 6320 kr)
  • Gym, fitness classes & swimming
  • All Medley in Sweden
  • Any day, any time
  • Child membership: 150 kr/month
  • Pause your membership (for a fee)

Guld Student

345 kr/mån
(Årskort 4340 kr)
  • Gym, fitness classes & swimming
  • All Medley in Sweden
  • Any day, any time
  • Pause your membership (for a fee)
  • Conditions apply

Silver Träning region Stockholm

450 kr/mån
(Årskort 5600 kr)
  • Gym, fitness classes & swimming
  • All Medley in Stockholm (>15)
  • Any day, any time

Silver Träning

390 kr/mån
(Årskort 4680 kr)
  • Gym & fitness classes at Frescatihallen
  • Silver Träning at Mörbybadet included (value 2050 kr/yr)
  • Any day, any time

Brons Träning

320 kr/mån
(Årskort 4040 kr)
  • Gym & fitness classes
  • Frescatihallen
  • Mon-Fri until 3 p.m.

All prices are subject to changes. 

Special conditions for Guld Student. (In Swedish).

Memberships are personal and prices are stated per month. The lowest monthly cost is obtained when paying via direct debit (autogiro). All memberships have a 12 month fixation and 2 months notice/termination period. Members of Stockholms Universitets studentkår are exempt from the fixation period if they choose to sign up for Guld Student.


Vårt utbud

Fitness classes

We offer a wide range of group exercise classes. Whatever your fitness goal is we most likely have a class to match it. Our schedule changes over time in order to cater to our members’ changing needs and behaviors.

Click on any of the classes listed to book your next fitness class. If it is available the click will lead you directly to the booking page.

Weekly schedule

All group exercise classes are 55 minutes unless otherwise stated – please be on time as no late admission will be allowed.

You need to be at least 14 years old to participate in our classes. 

Please let the instructor know if you are new or need some extra help with equipment, settings etc. We are happy to be of assistance!


Frescatihallen has a fully equipped and modern gym in an Erskine-designed 80's inspired surrounding. The gym is divided into three sections with different focus areas: Functional, muscle and cardio. 

The innermost part of the gym is dedicated to free weights and functional training.

The mid section contains modern machines for muscle workout and more functional training. 

The third part is dedicated to cardio workout with various machines such as treadmills, crosstrainers and exercise bikes. There are also some really rare machines that you will not find in any average gyms such as the core-killing, arm strengthening rope-climber. 

You need to be at least 16 years old to get your heart and muscles pumping in our gym. 

Personal Training

Personal Training is for everyone and anyone who has ever had that “I want to…” moment. Whether you want to change your physical shape, improve your fitness or boost your energy, we will help you believe and achieve!

You set your goals and your Personal Trainer (PT) will help you achieve them in a pace and manner that is suitable for you as an individual. In addition you will get a training partner who supports you mentally and helps you to create routines resulting in you working harder than you thought you could!


Enjoy swimming for fitness, train for a triathlon or just take the plunge to workout, chill out or bring some friends and family for a splash about. 

Medley has several swimming pools close to Frescatihallen. Mörbybadet, located just one stop away by Roslagsbanan or two stops by metro, is included in several of our memberships. Ask us for more info!

Ball sports

Frescatihallen offers lots of opportunities to exercise and have some fun with friends. Medley is only responsible for the gym and fitness classes at Frescatihallen, but click on the link to learn more about the ball sports at offer!

Frescatihallen Ball sports